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As a volunteer organisation, we wouldn’t be able to keep our roller door open without donations. You can support Bicycle Garden by donating bikes, parts, tools and accessories, or by making a cash donation.

What happens with cash donations?

Donations help to keep our space open. We need money to pay for insurance, bicycle cleaning products, website hosting, new parts and tools as needed, as well as other administration costs. We also provide helmets, locks and lights to our Pedal Power recipients, with each set costing approx. $70 per person.

How can I donate money?

If you would like to make a financial contribution, you can donate via bank transfer or Pay ID,
or drop in to our workshops and pop some cash in the money box.

Bank transfer
BSB: 313-140
Account: 12046363
Name: Bicycle Garden

Pay ID

How can I donate bikes, parts and accessories?

Got a bike gathering dust in the garage? Why not donate it for our Pedal Power program.

As a small organisation with limited storage space, we try very hard to accept bikes that are suitable for our Pedal Power program. These include commuter, mountain, hybrid and gravel bicycles, as well as children’s bicycles on demand. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accept all donations.

If you are an individual, organisation or company wishing donate a bicycle, parts or accessories (e.g. helmet, lights, panniers etc.), please send an email to and include a description and photos of the items. We will then be in contact with you.

If we are unable to accept your donation, you can also contact these organsiations:

Revolve Recycling
The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre