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About us

Bicycle Garden is a volunteer-run cooperative providing a welcoming workshop space where community members can learn to build, maintain and repair bicycles.

We believe that the bicycle is more than just a means of transportation – it is a tool for social change. By empowering community members to take control of their own transportation needs, we are creating more sustainable, equitable, and resilient communities.

At Bicycle Garden, we provide a welcoming atmosphere for all people. You can make use of our workspace and tools to work on your bike, or if you need support, our volunteers are on hand to demystify mechanics and guide you through bicycle repairs.

Our values

Empowerment. Bicycle Garden aims to create a safe space where anyone can learn to build, repair and maintain bicycles alongside our passionate volunteers.

Access. There should be no financial barriers to accessing a safe, reliable bicycle. We use a pay-what-you-can system and no person is turned away for lack of funds.

Sustainability. We promote the bicycle as a low-impact mode of transport and work to stop bicycles from entering landfill.

Inclusivity. Bicycle mechanics is traditionally a male-dominated space. Bicycle Garden aims to break down barriers to participation and encourages all people to wrench and ride.

Collectivism. We organise as a collective, with decisions made through open dialogue and consensus.

Our goals

  • Make bicycle repair and maintenance more accessible
  • Educate people on repairing their bicycles
  • Provide bicycles to people unable to get one by other means
  • Promote the ethos of repair, reuse and recycle
  • Create an inclusive space for all people – especially women, trans and gender diverse folk and BIPOC – to socialise and learn bike mechanics
  • Build partnerships and collaborate with like-minded organisations.

Our history

Bicycle Garden has been operating for over 12 years. The co-operative grew out of Chain Lynx, our volunteer-run workshop for women, trans and gender diverse folk. In 2012, volunteers from Chain Lynx expanded to form Bicycle Garden, with Chain Lynx continuing as a core program.

We have been busy over the years. Other things we have organised are social rides, market stalls, workshops with community organisations and universities, and events as part of the Sydney Rides Festival.