Pedal Power

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Everyone deserves access to affordable, reliable transport. Pedal Power is a program run by Bicycle Garden, where passionate volunteers rebuild pre-loved bikes donated by the public and give them to those in need. All bikes are checked by a professional bike mechanic and gien with a helmet, lock and lights so people can get riding immediately.


Before COVID 19 and social distancing restrictions Pedal Power used to run once a month. During these drop in sessions volunteers of all abilities would work together to restore donated bikes. Once the bikes were restored and had passed Bicycle Garden safety checks they were donated to refugees and asylum seekers through the Asylum Seeker Centre (Newtown).  During COVID we expanded the Pedal Power program in two ways. One is that Pedal Power now runs in place of our Open Shop sessions which can't run due to restrictions. Secondly we expanded the program to include donations to other at risk groups including:

  • People escaping domestic violence

  • People vulnerable to homelessness

  • Essential works

  • International students

  • People on low incomes

  • Others directly affected by COVID and ineligible for government support


Pedal Power is a great opportunity to learn more about bikes and bike maintenance, while working towards a good cause. No prior mechanic skills are required, our friendly volunteers are there to support you. If you are interested in donating to Pedal Power please see our donations page. Pedal Power could not run without the donations we receive.

If you would like to volunteer at Pedal Power please see our volunteering page. 

If you think you may be eligible for a free bicycle through the Pedal Power program please reach out to us at We encourage social workers to reach out to us on behalf of clients.