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Mission Statement

The Bicycle Garden is a volunteer-run organisation that provides welcoming and vibrant spaces in the community where any person can learn to build, maintain and repair bicycles. We work to nurture ecological sustainability and personal well-being by promoting the bicycle as a fun, safe and accessible form of transportation.

Our Values

The Bicycle Garden wishes to demystify the bicycle and promote cycling by familiarising people with their bikes. At the Bicycle Garden, any style of cyclist can build self-confidence and increase their skills in a non-intimidating atmosphere.

▪   The Bicycle Garden encourages interaction between diverse people in an accessible, safe and welcoming way. Participation in Bicycle Garden projects is an opportunity to relax and socialise.

▪   Money, or lack thereof, should never be an issue that discourages involvement in any Bicycle Garden project

▪   Community outreach is our responsibility.

▪   We strive to build partnerships with other like-minded organisations.

▪   We recognise that marginalisation exists in bicycle culture. The Bicycle Garden is dedicated to non-oppression by continually improving our own education and providing resources for others to do the same.

All people involved in the Bicycle Garden will adhere to our values with understanding and sincerity, and wholeheartedly appreciate the diverse population the Bicycle Garden serves.

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