Be a Volunteer!

Interested in Volunteering?


We welcome all sorts of volunteers at the bicycle garden, from qualified mechanics to those who have never touched a bike, and we believe that everyone has something to contribute and learn.


Firstly, all contributions are valued. A redesigned website or some help on the welcome desk may aid us as much as some mechanical expertise. If you know how to paint, or write grants, are good at sorting things or can convince people to give us things for free, then let us know. Regardless of whether you have a specific skill set or a general enthusiasm, your contribution can make a big difference.


Secondly, ¬†we all have something to learn. All of us in the Bicycle Garden aspire to be better at sharing knowledge, regardless of how long we have been doing it for. ¬†Whether you are working on bikes, or helping out at the desk, there is clearly always more things to learn. Someone who only knows about bikes isn’t going to be very helpful if they cant share that knowledge with others by listening and communicating effectively.


To put it simply, growing volunteers is what makes the Bicycle Garden grow.


How to get Involved?


To get involved, send us an email or come along to one of our sessions or meetings, and say hello.


New volunteers are Seedlings, this means you work with a experienced Gardener or two who will show you how things work and introduce you to other volunteers. Being a Seedling (or casual volunteer) is a great way to develop your mechanical skills, familiarise yourself with the project, meet new people and help people with all manner of bicycle problems.


Putting down roots, becoming a Gardener!


Regular Gardeners are those who have graduated from being a Seedling. They work with clients on their bikes, and are responsible for the smooth running of the project. Regular Gardeners also come to meetings, and through the consensus process have a say in how the project is run.


Being a Gardener is commitment of time and a commitment to our values. To begin, an attendance of six shifts is required as a Seedling, after this you can indicate to a regular Gardener that you would like to make a further commitment. A key concern is a demonstrated commitment to the values and mission of the Bicycle Garden. While intention and shifts make a Seedling eligible to become a Gardener this process is not automatic, approval is by consensus of current active Gardeners at a meeting.


Gardeners are required to volunteer a minimum of three shifts a month on an ongoing basis.