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Fundraiser for International Shift


This weekend we were so happy to make a donation of $1,000 to the International Shift. We wanted to support the amazing work they do in running a soup kitchen that feeds vulnerable folks all around the Inner West, and is now producing beautiful masks to help keep us safe.

The lovely staff are all asylum seekers and refugees, which means they have been unable to receive any government support to get the through this wild time. The International Shift is an offshoot Parliament on King, a social enterprise cafe located on King Street, Newtown.

We have provided some bikes to folks working there but also want to do more to help these local legends. When two brand new Chapelli bikes were donated to us, we decided to sell them for $500 each and donate the profits. It was a win-win situation, as two people have beautiful new bikes and the International Shift have some extra funds to keep their programs going.

You can support them by visiting the cafe on the weekend (look for our novelty cheque on the shelf!) or buy a mask online,

Address: 632 King Street, Newtown

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